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Please allow me to introduce you to: Mirella Lamarina

In this interview series I will introduce you to Yoga teachers. Same questions, different answers! Variety is Key, isn't it? So enjoy reading and get a peak into the perspective of these teachers. Be inspired and I would say, try out as many as you can!

This interview is with Mirella Lamarina, from Sol Power Yoga in Bath, UK. I met Mirella at Yoga Fest Amsterdam. In a full room of around 100+ students, we coincidentally were right next to each other in a wonderful and tough class; we were struggling, breathing, interacting with the Italian teachers and really enjoying it so much. At the end we started talking, I asked her where she lived (I naively assumed Italy as she started speaking Italian to the Italian Yoga teachers who guided the class), turns out she was living and teaching Yoga in Bath! At that moment, I had planned to move to Bath from Amsterdam. I felt the sky opening, angels singing, bright lights coming down on us so wonderful this was! There is not such thing as coincidence, or is there? OMG. Mirella is an angel and has been so kind, welcoming and including in the first few months living in Bath, and I will be ever grateful for having met her in this beautiful way and for her being so kind, welcoming, loving and generous to me. Grazie mille a Mirella!

Mirella Lamarina is from Italian origin and brings the Italian Sun and Energy to a yoga class. Her classes have a wonderful energising effect (like having a double espresso) and will cheer you up, like the sun always does! She teaches at different places in Bath, make sure to take a class! 

1. What is yoga according to you?
To me, yoga is the discipline that brings together the mind and the body using the link that keeps it together, which is the breath.

2. Why do you teach yoga?
Because when I discovered yoga, it was incredible, I found my place and I finally knew what I was here for. I thought: 'I better share this with others!'

3.  Name three of your favourite things about yoga.
- The ability to focus
- The challenge
- The stillness

4. Why do you think people should try yoga?
Because there is so much more out there and in my opinion, yoga is one of the stronger tools to get in touch with the truth, with what really matters. Sometimes it takes only one trial and it has an effect like a bomb, it is a revolution within. Also yoga helps to get in touch with the deeper part of yourself. We live in a society where the materialistic part of life plays a bigger role, yoga has the ability to feel good about being in your skin, being yourself, rather than what you have one you or what your are surrounding yourself with (also like your make-up, jewellery, clothes and your possessions).

5. Have you seen your audience changing over time, and if so, in what way?
I have been teaching for almost four years and I see that the people who are still with me changed big time and this is the best part of my job! They changed the way they talk about themselves, the way they move, their body is strengthening and in some cases chronic pain is disappearing. When I show a new pose to my clients,  they master this after a while and with that, they have opened up a new door to the next challenge! They are relaxed in their poses and manage to keep their calm. At the beginning my clients started from scratch and some had these ideas in their mind that they couldn't do it, were not slim enough etc. So I kept encouraging them to believe in it, to think positive and now they do poses they never dreamt of.

6. Did your teaching method change over time, and if so, in what way?
It has changed lot. Because I have changed and the way I teach is probably the way I am. Nothing can be too rigid and things evolve. The more I am teaching, the more I am learning. According to that, the teaching method changes, I improve the way that I teach and how I explain poses for example.
7. Who are your inspirations in yoga?
My biggest inspiration at first was power yoga teacher called Brian Kest. Number one in the present moment is Sadhguru, I learn amazing things from him on a daily basis.

8. Please give 2 or 3 tips for starters.
- Do not expect too much
- Just go with the flow
- Take in the challenge

9. Which precautions would you give when people want to start?
- Completely come out of the ego, that can be your worst enemy: Yoga is not about the way it looks it is about the way it feels.
- Do not go too far into a pose
- Respect your limits
- Listen to your body
- Learn how to breathe

10. Can you tell us a bit about your background?
I started doing yoga nine years ago. When the family situation was going pretty bad and doing yoga created the only space in my day that made me feel really good and light, I noticed I could carry this state with me during the day. This was very interesting and there was something inside me that wanted to know more. After a few years I did my teacher training in Kerala, India. It felt like all I knew was gone and I felt like a blank page. I was amazed how things made much more sense. After that I never stopped, never regretted it and never looked back.
Yoga has really completely changed my life for the best. The way I live my life and feel life now is completely different. What yoga showed me was completely unexpected, it showed me what is really important to me. You are not alone, we are part of a bigger picture. I have learned to trust my guts and what my body and soul are teling me. I am changed in the way that I am not impulsive, I do not get wrapped up so much in emotions and I feel finally much more on the ground then ever. I did not expect yoga would carry this with it.  And I love helping others and sharing this with all!

Name: Mirella Lamarina
Type of Yoga: Flow yoga, power yoga, ashtanga
Locations: Twerton Village Hall (and more, see website below)
For more information and classes:
Sol Power Yoga Facebook Page  

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